Bismillahhir Rahmanur Rahim


Welcome to my blog.

I am working on PHP platform from more then 3 years.  So it is too late for me to  start writing a PHP blog. Usually question come why I am writing? Ans: I realize that I forget every thing after my development task is done. You can say I am not serious about development. But I swear, I am serious and regular in development. And in the world, Programming is one another thing I like most. Form my college life I had forgotten syndrome (in my language). Any way, I want to track all my development milestone.

The first point is noted. The other reason, I am here to help and get help from the people, who are already in the world, or want to come in the world, believe me.

The last reason is, kick on the ass of them who just writing blog, and marketing them as so called Best PHP Programmer in our country, and get highly paid without skills and academic computer background. I am sorry to say this, but its time to stop them.

N.B. [Bismillahhir Rahmanur Rahim], here the title of the topic is a speech of our Holy Quran. Its meaning is : Start by the name of Allah our God.


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